Care: New Research Group at RCA London

Beginning of Care, a weekly research seminar convened by Blackshaw at the Royal College of Art, London. Thinking through care in its many forms – of people, histories, pedagogies, spaces and places, of the objects, papers, personal effects and exhibition experiences attended to by the curator/conservator (guardian; carer) – it activates the verb ‘to care’ as a methodology for arts and humanities research. How, it asks, might we approach the research practices of reading, writing, looking, assembling, listening, documenting, creating, remaking, performing, curating, and making public from a position which prioritises the trans-subjective relations that are at the heart of care, that ask us to feel, to take time, to tend to, to keep safe, to hold, to heal, to re-memorialise, to repair?

Sick Women: The Chronic-poetics of Feminist Art History - Session for CAA

Conceived in the ‘lockdown’ period of the global virus that brought the world’s inequalities into lethal, shocking focus, this panel, convened by Blackshaw and Dr Alice Butler, adapts artist Johanna Hedva's ‘Sick Woman Theory’ of 2016 as a lens through which to expand feminist art history. Whilst contemporary feminist art and writing has cared for the sick woman, their absence in art history is in urgent need of redeeming. Emphasising experimental and interdisciplinary methodologies and writing practices, this multi-periodic panel asks: what form might a defiantly sick feminist art history take? What role could it play in emerging theorisations of the critical medical humanities? How could it transform our understanding of the sick woman? How could the sick woman, who speaks chronically across time, revolutionise art history? And how might we, as feminist art historians, care for her?

Kokoschka Bessie Bruce 1910

Sick Love, Prova 5 of 'Everything Painted Blue: A Letter to Bessie Bruce (1886 – 1921)', part of the 'Sick Love' contribution to the fifth volume of Prova, the Journal for School of Arts & Humanities Research, Royal College of Art, which emerged from the 'Correspondence' research group of 2019-2020 co-convened by Blackshaw and Rebecca Fortnum.