HIGH Prize for Creative Excellence launches at RCA London

The HIGH Prize for graduating students within the School of Arts & Humanities launches in July 2020. HIGH is an international fashion brand producing ready-to-wear clothing with stores across Europe and customers all over the world. Identified as ‘creative clothes for creative people’, vital elements of HIGH’s collections are created in collaboration with artists, especially those making material objects by hand. the HIGH prize was introduced by Gemma, who works with HIGH as one of its creative partners.

Rediscovered Drawings by Erwin Dominik Osen

Article in The Burlington Magazine on the discovery of a series of drawings by Viennese modernist Erwin Dominik Owen, authenticated by Blackshaw in March 2019. The drawings go on show in an exhibition co-curated by Blackshaw and Verena Gamper at The Leopold Museum, Vienna, in January 2021. https://www.leopoldmuseum.org/...

Burlington Cover 0320

SICK: Cross-College Symposium at RCA London

Co-convened by Blackshaw and Adam Kaasa from the Schools of Art & Humanities and Architecture respectively, this symposium is devoted to the social spaces – both physical and virtual – of 'infirmity'. It responds to the creation of communities of artists who identify as chronically-ill and/or disabled, and of the work facilitated by/disseminated through these spaces, which engages with their medicalisation, and exclusion from social and economic life. It asks how the experience of physical and mental ‘weakness’ (to quote the Oxford English Dictionary on the meaning of infirmity), might be activated as both the means of production and the critique of production. It debates, in particular, the social space of the Internet, its import for the bed-bound artist, and complexity as a platform which both enables and, arguably, disables, challenging the empowered, individuated subjectivities it purports to represent.