Care: New Research Group at RCA London

October 14th 2020

Beginning of Care, a weekly research seminar convened by Blackshaw at the Royal College of Art, London. Thinking through care in its many forms – of people, histories, pedagogies, spaces and places, of the objects, papers, personal effects and exhibition experiences attended to by the curator/conservator (guardian; carer) – it activates the verb ‘to care’ as a methodology for arts and humanities research. How, it asks, might we approach the research practices of reading, writing, looking, assembling, listening, documenting, creating, remaking, performing, curating, and making public from a position which prioritises the trans-subjective relations that are at the heart of care, that ask us to feel, to take time, to tend to, to keep safe, to hold, to heal, to re-memorialise, to repair?