Nicola Tyson: Letter to Egon Schiele (2014)

Correspondence with artist Nicola Tyson, author of Dead Letter Men (London: Sadie Coles HQ; New York: Petzel Gallery, 2013), a limited edition book containing Tyson’s letters to the ‘great white men’ of modernist art history. Commissioned by Drawing Room Directors Mark Doyle and Kate Macfarlane to write a letter to Egon Schiele for The Nakeds (2014), Blackshaw and Tyson exchanged ideas on Schiele’s life, work and legacy. Tyson’s 'Letter to Egon Schiele', which addressed the sexual politics of ‘Vienna 1900’, was published in the catalogue, and was performed at Drawing Room on 13 October 2014. It accompanied two works on paper produced specifically for the exhibition.

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